Pacific Ag Group staff members are actively involved in the agriculture research community by attending and presenting at scientific conferences across the nation and abroad. By having a presence at the major research conferences, we are able to better understand the current trends and product development needs of the industry. Our scientists have given keynote addresses, farm tours, and poster presentations on subjects such as pest management, irrigation practices, agricultural engineering, and sustainable and organic farming methods. Of particular benefit to our research sponsors, product directed technical presentations of efficacy data are given by Pacific Ag scientists at professional meetings nationwide. This include both oral and poster presentations by staff familiar with the specific study and crop/pest system. These activities are self funded third-party announcements of promising attributes of the new product previously unknown to the scientific community.

Recent and Upcoming Conferences
Conference Name Date Location Attended By Presentation
APS North Central June 7-9, 2016 Minneapolis, MN Brian Cortright Presentation of Valent Products by Brian Cortright
ISAA (International Symposium on Adjuvants for Agrichemicals) June 13-17, 2016 Monterey, CA Eric Flora
Pacific Branch APS June 28-30, 2016 LaConner, WA Eric Flora Double Nickel Biofungicide Presentation by Eric Flora
APS National July 30-Aug 3, 2016 Tampa, FL Balaji Aglave
Biocontrol and Biostimulant Congress September 22-24, 2016 Philadelphia, PA Eric Flora Mondo Programs with SureSeal Cuticle Supplement Presentation by Eric Flora
National ESA September 25-30, 2016 Orlando, FL Ki Kim, Walter Albeldano, Frank Sances
Annual CAPCA Meeting October 16-18, 2016 Anaheim, CA Bryan Huffman
Fertilizer Institute - Fertilizer Outlook and Technology November 15-17, 2016 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Eric Flora & Bradley Booker
Almond Conference December 6-8, 2016 Sacramento, CA Eric Flora
Great Lakes Expo December 6-8, 2016 Grand Rapids, MI Brian Cortright & Chris Clavet
California Weed Science Society January 17-20, 2017 Monterey, CA Vishal Shinde & Greg Brittain
NAICC January 17-21, 2017 St. Luis, MO Eric Flora, Stephanie Yates-Yarborough, Walter Albeldano, Nick Badasci, Brian Cortright Sampling Presentation by Eric Flora
Weed Science Society of America February 6-9, 2017 Tuscon, AZ Eric Flora
BPIA International Biocontrol Industry Symposium Feb 28- March 1, 2017 TBD Eric Flora & Vishal Shinde
Western Weed Science Society March 13-16, 2017 Coeur d'Alene, ID TBD
International Research Conference on Huanglongbing (Citrus Greening Scientific) March 14-17, 2017 Orlando, FL Ki Kim
2017 Soil Borne Pathogen Workshop March 28-30, 2017 UC Davis, CA Eric Flora & Greg Brittain

Global Biocontrol and Biostimulants Congress 2016

Philadelphia, PA

The following poster was presented at the Global Biocontrol and Biostimulants Congress 2016 in Philadelphia on September 12-13, 2016.

APS North Central Division Meeting

Roseville, MN

This next poster was presented at the 2016 APS North Central Division Meeting that was held June 7-9, 2016 on the University of Minnesota St. Paul Campus.

2016 APS Pacific Division Annual Meeting

La Conner, Washington

Pacific Ag Group will be presenting the following poster at the 2016 APS Pacific Division Annual Meeting in La Conner, Washington on June 28-30.

2016 International Biocontrol Industry Symposium

Monterey, CA

Recently, Pacific Ag Group gave several presentations at the 2016 Biocontrols Conference and Expo in Monterey on March 3rd and 4th.

Bryan Huffman:

Salinas Farm Tour


Reporting Manager Megan LeBlanc presented the following poster at the 2015 American Pathological Society annual meeting in Pasadena, California:

Evaluation of a strawberry powdery mildew risk index (Broome-modified Gubler-Thomas powdery mildew index for grape) to time fungicide applications

Biologist Nick Badasci presented the following poster at the 2015 Soil Science Society of America annual meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota:

IrrigAid GoldTM Soil Surfactant Effect on Soil Nutrient and Water Management Interactions in the Rooz Zone of Crisp Head and Romaine Lettuce Grown in California

Misc Presentations