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Michigan Ag Research conducts field trials throughout the Great Lakes and American Midwest. Trials conducted at our Albion farm focus on: cucurbit downy mildew, foliar diseases of onions, aphids and other insect pests of soybeans, wireworms and general corn entomology, insect and disease control in vineyard and orchard crops, and soil fumigation of a variety of fruiting vegetables.

Agriculture Research in the Midwest

Apple scab damage in an orchard in Michigan

Michigan Ag Research trial work in an orchard with apple scab damage

Western corn rootworm adult in corn silk

Western corn rootworm adult in field corn silk in a Michigan Ag Research study

The Michigan Ag Research facility has reliable planting, application, and harvest equipment for all Midwest crops. The plant pathology expertise at this facility is well known, and has been established in Michigan agriculture for over 25 years. In addition to plant pathology, an on-site professional entomologist allows for in-depth research on worms, aphids, beetles, and nematodes.