About Us

For many years, we have managed a growing portfolio of field and laboratory research in three major North American agricultural districts: The West, Midwest, and Southeast. In each area there are local crop issues, new experimental techniques, and relevant scientific findings that could be of help to your research program.

Pacific Ag Research facility in San Luis Obispo, CA

In addition to being the corporate headquarters, the San Luis Obispo station conducts both field and greenhouse experiments

Strawberry field in the Salinas Valley

Strawberry plots planted at the Salinas Valley station in Spreckels, CA

Pacific Ag was founded in 1980 in San Diego, California as an agricultural laboratory and grower pest management group. We analyzed soil, water, and fertilizer samples, and we provided IPM services in the area. In 1993, we moved north to San Luis Obispo where we established agricultural research farms in the surrounding coastal valleys in Edna, Arroyo Grande, Huasna, and Guadalupe. Pacific Ag also expanded outside of the Central Coast by opening sites in the San Joaquin and Salinas Valleys. In addition to sixty acres of intensely farmed research plots, our station in Five Points, CA manages numerous epxeriment sites in almond and other nut orchards around the Fresno area. Our station in Spreckels, CA specializes in product efficacy testing on high-cash crops such as lettuce and strawberries throughout the famous Salinas Valley.

Greenhouses at the Florida Ag Research station in Dover, FL

Greenhouses at the Florida Ag Research station in Dover

Field preparation at the Florida Ag Research site in Thonotosassa, FL

Field preparation at the Florida Ag Research site in Thonotosassa

Florida Ag Research was established in 2008 and operates two farms in Dover and Thonotosassa, in the center of the state near Tampa.

Soybean field at harvest time in Michigan

Soybean field at harvest time at the Albion station in Michigan

Michigan Ag Research Station

Michigan Ag Research headquarters in Albion

Michigan Ag Research was established in 2014 in Albion, MI, near Lansing, on a site that has specialized in corn and soybean testing in the Midwest cropping region for over 20 years.